Quick Drive: A Hassle-Free Car Rental Service in Dubai Perfect For Your Trip

car rental service in Dubai

When you want to travel around in Dubai, it’s a great idea to rent yourself a car so that you can take in the beautiful city at your own pace. However, some travelers and tourists might get confused on how to get one for themselves. Well, there’s no need to fret now as Quick Drive is here to give you the best in rental car services within the city of Dubai. We’ll be going through what you need to know to get yourself the proper rental car for your trip to the City of Gold.

Why Should I Get A Car Rental Service in Dubai ?

You may be asking yourself why it’s even necessary to get yourself a rental car for your trip to Dubai. One benefit of rental cars is that you’ll no longer have to make use of public transportation which can be tiring and time-consuming. Getting to the different sights of the city can be a hassle with public transportation, especially when the weather gets harsh as it might do on your trip here.

Renting your car can also allow you to travel farther than you ever could just relying on taxis and buses. With these options, they’re limited to specific routes and destinations. However, a rental car opens up your travel options exponentially. You’ll be able to have a comfortable option that’s convenient for whatever plan you have in the city.

It also tends to be the cheaper option as you don’t need to shell out money every single time you want to go someplace else. Those staying for longer periods may also get special deals and discounts depending on the rental service provider of choice. You also get the choice of what type of car to rent out for your trip. Whether you want a simple sedan, a larger SUV, or something with a little more luxury, renting can be a way to get exactly what you want.

What You’ll Need To Know Before Renting A Car

Firstly, you’ll need to show your full driving license along with proof of your age being over 21. For international drivers, you’ll need to secure the International Driving Permit which allows your national driving license to be carried over to other countries. You’ll also need a copy of your valid national passport and the Visit Visa complete with an Entry Stamp. Once you’ve got these documents on hand, we can offer our full rental services to you.

It’s best to read up on the different laws and regulations regarding driving on the roads and motorways of Dubai. One good thing to know is that while most of the main roads have a speed limit of 80 kph, certain roads have varying speed limits such as 40 kph. The Motorways and Main Highways will usually have speed limits of around 100 or 120 kph.

Vehicles in the UAE are all left-hand drive, meaning that drivers drive on the right side of the road. Any passengers under the age of 13 are not allowed to be in the front passenger seat. Lastly, trams have a higher road priority in comparison to road cars so you’ll need to make way for them whenever they pass by.

The Salik Toll Gate System

Another big thing about driving on Dubai’s roads is the Salik Electronic Toll Gate System. Launched in 2007, its job is to maintain the traffic flow along the major roadways of the city. These gates scan a Salik tag that’s placed on the windshield, allowing drivers to have a seamless experience as they drive through it.

For our customers, they will not have to pay anything to get through these Toll Gates. Each of our cars comes with these tags. With every Salik gate passed, a charge of AED 5 is deducted from your initial deposit to pay for the toll gate fees.

What Cars Do We Have On Offer?

Quick Drive has a wide range of vehicles available from many renowned car brands. Currently, we have vehicles in our fleet from the following brands:
• Toyota
• Nissan
• Mitsubishi
• Hyundai
• Renault
• Kia
• MG
• Land Rover
• JAC Motors

We can arrange for your car to be delivered to a specific delivery location, a great choice for tourists who aren’t familiar with the whole layout of Dubai. Another great choice would be a location where you can easily spot the car, somewhere that’s less busy than the built-up areas of the city.

If you’re having trouble picking out the car that’s right for you, you can contact us to fix up the details of your rental transaction. Not only do we give you the best car rental service in Dubai, but our transaction policies are clear as day for all customers. We’ll make sure to clear your doubts and questions while also helping you to choose the perfect car for your travel needs.

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